I used to be the worst culprit for not following through on things. Let’s take blogging as an example shall we! I start my blog, as it grows and my follower count increases day-by-day I find things I want to change or alter. Instead of making those changes/upgrades as I go, I take down my website to “make changes” to it. I make the changes and then find another thing I want to add or change. As you can imagine, with the on-going changes, my website ends up with a “be back soon” page for some time. Things get put on the back burner. Then before I know it my website has been MIA for a few months! New worries arise, for instance the time gap between my last post and my new post. Well, I have decided to STOP beating myself up and pick up where I left off. The SHOW MUST GO ON!

It’s very important to keep consistency when it comes to a blogging schedule, but you can’t stress yourself out or fall behind when you miss a post or two. You are NOT alone. Just get back on your horse and write on (ha! hope that made you giggle).

YOUR TURN – Do you have a tendency of putting things on the back burner? How do you prioritize your time and projects? – Share your tips/feedback in the comments below.

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