1) You have a story and voice that should be heard! We all have unique experiences and abilities that we should be proud to share. If you decide to make it a personal blog (as opposed to a business blog/website) then this would be, in a way, your online diary. Not only are you able to share you experiences in an empowering way with the world but you’ll also able be to keep those memories fresh in your mind. Your website – your blog — YOUR RULES!

2) You’ll become more confident. Not only will you improve your writing, photography and/or videography abilities but you’ll also become a better thinker and more creative. Once you start writing about your life and experiences you will begin to think and live more intently. With every new day, new post and new experience you will explore your creative side, discover new things about who you are and who you are becoming.

3) Life-Changing Connections! You will meet and be surrounded by positive, like-minded people who share your passion and interests. As a blogger you not only communicate and engage with your readers, you also build relationships with fellow bloggers who are in the same field and have the same interests as you. Forming a relationship with your readers is important but don’t forget to network in the blogging community.

4) Oh the places you’ll go! When you start blogging, not only do you begin building a community of readers – you also build your credibility, your knowledge and expertise and begin to attract companies/brands for potential partnerships. This can create boundless opportunities that can potentially take you around the globe.


5) You’ll Inspire Others. You will have the ability (with your strong – bold voice) to inspire people and potentially make a big difference in the lives of others. Blogging can not only change your life, it also impacts and changes the lives of your readers. Not only will your readers be inspired but you will feel great with the feedback and love and in turn you will be motivated to write more and give more! And that is truly a wonderful feeling.

6) Money! Money! Money! We all can use some extra cash flow. If you take blogging seriously, find passion in it and start treating it like a “business” you will have the possibility of earning a decent income. Many big blogs make millions of dollars every year. Definitely not a “get-rich-quick” – depending on your commitment and discipline you can make $50 a year or event $50,000 a year – either way it is great to have a hobby that pays you back.

YOUR TURN – Did you recently start a blog? What do you blog about? I would love to check out your blog – Share your link in the comments below.

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